Taking to the skies

Where are all the women?  This is a little question that hangs in the back of my mind when I walk down the streets and see statues, wonderful, proud, formidable statues like this one…

and this one.

even this one…

Okay, so there are some statues of women…

though they seem to be of the generic, lovely-but-nameless variety.  What I would like to see and I’m sure not alone in this is a statue to specific woman, a heroine, one of our audacious ancestors. Whenever I raise this complaint though I’m usually felled by one question, who are these audacious women?

The sad truth is I-and I’m sure I’m not alone in this either- don’t know all that much of my audacious ancestors.  Who are these women whose grit and wit allowed them to defy the limitations of their own time and place?  Whose hunger for adventure made it that little bit easier for the generations who came after.

So that, in short, is the purpose of the blog.  To uncover and remember just some of the women who refused limitations and whose audacity has stood the test of time.


About Mairi Gordon

I am currently a postgraduate student at Cardiff University working towards my PG Diploma in Newspaper Journalism. My interests include politics, history, biscuits and many other things besides. To see what I'm currently working on please visit: for posts on journalism, cardiff and digital media and for posts on pioneering women, adventure and air balloons. Cheers, M.
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