The Week in Women

WoS has scanned the week’s news from headlines to nibs, radio to blogs, to find the news and views shaping the skyline this week…

If not now, when?

He’s a tabloid’s dream politician but one million protestors have taken to the streets across Italy to demonstrate against their scandal ridden PM.  Prosecutors have applied to a Magistrate to have the PM put on trial for paying an underage girl for sex. If found guilty Berlusconi could face up to 15 years in prison.  Sunday protests were united the banner  ‘Se non ora quando?’ (if not now when) a banner chosen to reflect the frustration of Italian women.  Check out the BBC’s protest photos @

It takes a village

In a remote community in Liberia residents have found a simple but effective way of tackling violence against women and other violent crime.  The Eagle Eye Internet Report is actually hand-written on sheets of A4 and posted around town.  The leaflet reports and condemns incidents of violence, rape, domestic abuse.  Little other media reaches the village but in the small community fear of being named and shamed in the Eagle has proven a powerful disincentive.  An eagle writer said the Eagle Eye “brings out the news that is hiding.” Read the full story at Alertnet@

Do you feel safe?

Conservative MSP Bill Aitken came under fire this week for implying a woman who was raped in Glasgow may have been a hooker.  Speaking to the Herald Aitken said, “Somebody should be asking her what she was doing in Renfrew Lane. Did she go there with somebody? … Now, Renfrew Lane is known as a place where things happen, put it that way.”

He went on to say many allegations of rape were falsely made by women who had too much to drink and imply rape may be been a less serious crime if the woman in question was a prostitute.  Even more disconcerting, these comments came from Scotland’s Shadow minister for Community Safety. Read the full story at the F-word @

The sweet stuff

V-day is upon us.  Valentine’s day may be met with the same heady mix of anticipation and trepidation the world over but in Japan Valentines has a sweet twist.  Japanese women are expected to buy chocolate not just for their sweethearts but all the important men in their life from fathers to school teachers.  It might sound one-sided but men are expected to repay the favour on March 14 known as White Day. Listen to the full story@


About Mairi Gordon

I am currently a postgraduate student at Cardiff University working towards my PG Diploma in Newspaper Journalism. My interests include politics, history, biscuits and many other things besides. To see what I'm currently working on please visit: for posts on journalism, cardiff and digital media and for posts on pioneering women, adventure and air balloons. Cheers, M.
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